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Dry/Dehydrated Skin Type

What's the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?
Dry skin is refers to lacking oil on skin. While, lacking moisture in the outermost layer of the epidermis (Stratum Comeum) signifies as dehydrated skin. Stratum Comeum serves purpose preventing water evaporation and stores moisture level in the skin.

As i age, my skin prone to dryness. Why?

Blood circulation system decrease as we age, which is causing deficiency in oil production. Skin becomes dry when skin natural hydrating agents are decline over the years. Besides, weather could be the possibilities of skin dryness. Cold temperature will absorb moisture out from your skin while sun exposure will evaporate the moisture out from your skin.

Is skin dryness always leads to skin sensitivity?
Often dry skin will prone to sensitive skin as they are interrelated symptoms. Defenses of the skin against environmental assault will be depleted when dry skin usually deficient in natural protective lipid barrier. Thus, skin sensitivity level increase.

Recommended Products
  1. n-BTX Visible Expression Lines Corrector
  2. Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Base
  3. Glycolic New Skin Cream



Marie Darbois


4 Main Collection:
Moisturizing Skin Care Collection
For all skin type, Regenerating, Protecting, and beauty

Oily Skin Care Collection
Re-balancing, Matifying

Anti-ageing Process Collection
Refining, anti-wrinkles, beauty

Whitening Collection
For all skin types, lightening, anti-brown spots

All MARIE DARBOIS range use only active ingredients from plants, flowers and marine algae.

DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) has multiple cosmetics properties:
Free radical scavenger
Collagen Production Stimulation
Proteases inhibition
UV Protection
Hydration (Its is able to bind 10.000 times its own volume of water)

Elastic fibers of algal origin,have many cosmetics properties:
Collagen Synthesis
Collagen III Synthesis Stimulation
Protease Inhibition
Skin Surface Improvement
Cellular Energy Optimisation
Cellular Metabolism Stimulation
Deep Wrinkles Treatment

An unique combination of 3 active molecules to reduce puffiness. It prevents and fights bad under the eyes by:

Decreasing capillary permeability
Increasing lymphatic circulation
Improving firmness and elasticity

Softly eliminates superficial damaged keratinized cells that prevent skin oxygenation.
Subsequently promotes cell renewal and smoothes skin surface.

The marine collagen is powerful hydrating active ingredient who will allow to regenerate the superficial layer of skin. Just after one application, the skin will recover brilliance and dynasium. The marine collagen gives back to your skin an instant penetration into the skin following by a natural firming-up effect.


Pure- Naturally Organic

PURE guarantees highly effective, purely natural skincare products for both women and men who demand the very best of what nature can offer.

With more than 30 years of advanced research and development in organic, natural skincare and phytocosmetics, our internationally renowned BEMA research labs combine extensive know how and experience offering you a pure natural organic skincare programme -probably the first in the world which is clinically proven as highly effective thanks to our exclusive technology.

YOUR SKIN WILL FEEL IT - AND LOVE IT.TRIPLE ACTIVE-CARE-EFFECT provides PURE thanks to exclusive formulations and active ingredients complexes.


The exclusive liquid crystallisation process provides a constant and continuous release of active ingredients during 24 hours compared to 6-8 hours for conventional formulations.


100% of natural origin-no chemicals. No synthetics ingredients. Preservative free.


PURE natural extracts are purified in an exclusive and secret hypercritical CO2, process without the use of solvents. Such purification ensures PURE natural extracts maintain 100% of their activity.

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Face Care

The SOSKIN approach to skincare combines a blend of medical-grade plant & marine actives, proteins and clinically proven skin-compatible bases for the therapeutic and luxurious products with visible results.
Led by its award-winning efficacy trialed anti-ageing and skincare range, SOSKIN is developed first and foremost for professional treatments guaranteeing reliability in every product, ensuring that lifestyle concerns can be dynamically addressed in spa and at home.


These high performance daily skincare products are formulated to achieve optimum skin health. Maximum results can be gained through effective cleansing, toning, exfoliation, treatment masks
and moisturizing.

Whitening [W+]

Whitening by SOSKIN, an ideal, enhancing collection of whitening and brightening products and pre-make up treatments.
Radiant, fresh and unblemished, the complexion is evened out, tones are smoothed to reveal a radiant glow displaying exquisite uniformity and fairness.
Pre-whitening exfoliating Lotion
Whitening Serum
Whitening Treatment Cream
Dramatically Whitening Brown Spot Corrector

Regenerate[R+] Anti-age & Densify
Formulations contain powerful Anti-Oxidants and revolutionary micro-encapsulated Vitamins that purify, strengthen and rejuvenate the cellular matrix. Enzyme catalysts stimulate hormone receptors maximizing the skin's natural renewal processes for collagen regeneration & cellular renewal. Quickly absorbed melting textures ensure the full benefits of the SOSKIN anti-ageing treatment formulations.
-n-BTX Visible Expression Lines Corrector
-Eye Care Serum (wrinkles + puffiness + dark circles)
-Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Base
-Contour Lift Serum (face & neck)
-Eye Contour Filler
-Densifying Cream

Regenerate[R+] Moisture & Brighten
These advanced scientific formulations challenge the ageing process by focusing on targeted skin renewal actions. Enzyme catalysts stimulate hormone receptors maximizing the skin's natural renewal processes for collagen regeneration & cellular renewal.
-Super Moisturizing Cream
-Eye Contour Gel
-Energizing Moisturizing Cream (Microcaps Vitamin 10%)
-Extra eye lift Contour-Instant Effect

Matify [M+]
An effective sebum-regulating care for combination and oily skin. Ensures purify, freshness and shine-free radiance all day long.
Mattifying Gel Cream
Stop Imperfections Concentrate

Peeling [P+]
SOSKIN peeling range with controlled pH removes dead cells, makes skin soft and radiant.
Glycolic New Skin Cream

Sun Care
SOSKIN sun protection range is non greasy, non sticky, luxurious and safe. Available in a variety of textures, easy to use tubes & pumps and a choice of Sun Protection Factor SPF18 to 50+
High Sun/Ultra Sun Protection SPF 25-40 Tinted 1 & 2
Body Care
Targets difficult areas for a visibly smoother, radiant & younger looking body for total silouette confidence.
Body Treatment:
-Slimming Cream Gel
-Thermo Slimming Gel
-Tenso-Slimming Gel
-Multi-Resourcing Cream
-Whitening Body Lotion & Sensitive Lotion
Bust Care
-Bust Serum Ultra Concentrated
-Bust Firming Cream

Sensitive Skin

Why do i have sensitive skin?
Sensitive skin is genetically determined and normally occurred on skin which consist thinner epidermal layer. It reacts quickly to temperature changes which lead to skin dryness and prone to allergic reactions. Sensitive skin provide lesser natural defense barrier against irritating ingredients.

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that causes redness and swelling, primarily on the face. Major factor is probably abnormalities in the blood vessels of the face,which cause the flushing, persistent redness and visible blood vessels. What causes the infla,,ation of the blood vessels is still a mystery. It normally develops slowly, last for years and becomes worse with age. Remember, always consult skin dermatologist before persistent skin irritation flare-ups and make things worse.

Is it ok to exfoliate sensitive/sensitized skin?
Our professional skin therapist can suggest if exfoliation appropriate for your skin condition. All skins can be benefit from exfoliation; the significant tip is finding the suitable intensity level of exfoliation for your skin type.

Recommended Products
  1. Anti-Redness Cream
  2. Soothing Concentrate (Sensitive Cream)
  3. Super Moisturizing Cream


Oily Skin

Do i need a moisturizer if i have an oily skin?
Moisturizer is to replenish water level in the skin yet not the oil level. In fact, dehydration in an oily skin often produces more oil in keeping skin hydrated. Yet, skin isn't hydrated at all but oily.

What's causing my breakouts?
Skin needs breathing. An accumulation of dead skin cells together with excess oil that clogs pore and leads pore asphyxiate, releasing aggravating substances that lead to irritation and infection under the skin (occurrence of pimple).

Oily skin has large pores, is it true?
Mostly, yes. Large pores are indication of oily skin. Excessively oily (especially T-zone) areas of your face cause clogged pores, and clogged pores get bigger. Permanently, you may also be prone to blackheads, whiteheads and painful under-the-surface blemishes.

Recommended Products
  1. Pre-Whitening Exfoliating Lotion
  2. Glycolic New Skin Cream
  3. Pimple/Oily Skin Concentrate
  4. Mattifying Gel Cream


Dull Skin Type

What is exfoliation and why we need to exfoliate?
Dead skin cells from the surface of the skin will be a thin flake if dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin and skin renewal process will only happen in every 28 days. Exfoliation process is to help removing dead skin cells and allow the rise of the new skin cells.

What is hyperpigmentation?
Excessive sun exposure (UV light), scarring and hormones charges will leads over production of melanin resulting of the occurrence of hyperpigmentation.

How to treat pigmentation effectively?
Always remember, not to be aggressive. There will be no quick fix for hyperpigmentation and must be treated gently to produce results. It needs to be controlled before it can be fixed. the deeper the pigment resides in the skin, will be more difficult to treat. Thus, please seek advice with your therapist for a more intensive treatment.

Recommended Products
  1. Pre-Whitening Exfoliating Lotion
  2. Brightness Vitality Serum
  3. Energizing Moisturizing Cream
  4. C-Vital Intensive Care Anti-Wrinkles
  5. Sunblock SPF 25


FAQ According Skin Type

Let's check what is your skin problem: