Hydrafacial Lite Treatment

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Soskin's approach to skincare combines nature and science. Its developer, the Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories, is situated at a traditional botanical site between Grasse and Nice. The researchers combine nature and high technology, drawing the most efficient molecules from nature.

To ensure stability and efficiency of the natural molecules and to obtain the best results for their beauty care products, the Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories invented a new technological process called ADVANCED MICROCAPS SYSTEM. It consists of the encapsulation of the pure active ingredients in a casing which promotes their action on the skin with precise targeted diffusion. The overall result of the combination of nature and technology is that the Soskin skincare range are well adapted to the needs of modern women.

Soskin's Advanced Microcaps System comprises membranes which possess a remarkable affinity to skin. Indeed, the membrane has a positive pole, while skin has a negative charge due to the skin's keratin. Thanks to this attraction, the microcapsules are bio-adhesive.

When an cream containing the microcapsulated active ingredients is applied, the microcapsules are attached to the skin and their membranes are gradually degraded by the skin's enzymes, so that the active ingredients are progressively released to the epidermis.


The active ingredients protect the vital elements from oxidation, light, heat and interaction with other ingredients. It enhances their stability and performance. It also allows the use of some unstable active ingredients in cosmetics formulation, such as retinol (Vitamin A) and Vitamin C.

Improvement of the bio-availability of active ingredients for the best level of penetration is applied deep into skin cells.

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