Hydrafacial Lite Treatment

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Marine Collagen Treatment

Marine Collagen Treatment (120 min)
海洋胶原蛋白护理 (120 分钟)

Collagen is a type of protein that plays an essential role for reconstitution of skin structure. It provides our skin with strength, flexibility and resilience. This collagen-centric procedure provides dermal repair and anti-ageing benefits, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers. Besides, collagen serum contains the essential components such as antioxidants, vitamins and proteins will be using to encourage the regeneration of your skin's natural collagen.

First Trial Therapy ONLY RM 238
(Usual Price RM580)
1 x Shoulder Hot Stone Massage

1st Trial Therapy

ONLY RM88 (Usual price: RM238)
for first trial therapy

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Entitled 1 x Shoulder Hot Stone Massage

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Face Contour Lift Treatment (105 Mins)

重塑脸部轮廓紧肤护理 (105 分钟)
If you desire a sharper, slimmer and well-defined facial contour, then this treatment will be ideal for you as it firms up the skin, enhances facial features and reactivates collagen synthesis. This treatment helps improve skin's micro-circulation and thus improve skin elasticity. Coupled with special formulated peel off mask with Vitamin C will be using to further enhance this treatment.

Acne Relief Treatment
(105 Mins)粉刺修复护理(105 分钟)
This invigorating treatment is ideal for combination to oily skin types. It works intensively to extract impurities, thus helping to reduce the appearance of blackheads and unsightly blemishes. It polishes away dead skin cells to unveil a smoother, clearer and more radiant complexion.

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细润,白皙亮丽话题永远是热门焦点,尤其在紫外线大大发威,年龄的增长也会导致皮肤干燥,失去弹性。要让自己拥有细润,白皙亮丽的皮肤,正确的护理是一定 要的。美白调理产品都有其他附加功效,如保湿功能可以提高肌肤的含水量,让肌肤在净白的同时,让肌肤更具透明感,还原白里透红的感觉。


Brightness Vitality Serum
采用高科技Vit.C Liposoms促进胶原的合成,抵抗自由基及抗炎功效,可迅速抵抗暗淡无光及恢复健康亮丽色泽,早晚涂于清洁后的肌肤,可与同一系列产品配搭,效果更好。 Read More..

Energizing Moisturizing Cream
经过Microcaps无油性配方,将有效活性成分,深层滋润肌肤,同时含10% Vit. C为肌肤提供最基本的营养保障,使皮肤光滑,光彩照人。

C-Vital Intensive Care Anti-Wrinkle
将被分离的维他命A由Microcaps的分子成分能够深层渗入皮肤及释放有效成分在皮肤底层,可刺激细胞再生,活化肌肤,滋润及抗衰老,使皮肤柔滑,细润,白皙亮丽。建议到美容院做特别护理,来加强Vit. C的吸收力。

Brightness Vitality Serum-Microcaps Vitamin C 20%

Size : 30ml
Texture : Gel
Color : Orange
Indication : Day by day you will see your skin acquire a smoother,
brighter, healthier glow.

The Brightness-Vitality Serum 20% Vitamin C fights tired dull and stressed complexions and brings back the glow to your skin. This texture blends into your skin without leaving any trace of greasiness. The Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories have invented a new technological process, which consists of the encapsulation of the pure active ingredient in a wrapping which promotes its action on the skin with a more well-targeted diffusion. Day by day you will see your skin acquire a smoother, brighter, healthier glow.

Actives Ingredients

Vitamin C Liposoms

Known as an anti-inflammatory and anti free-radicals agent, Vitamin C improves skin appearance and unifies complexion. Skin irrigation is improving, fibroblasts are stimulated, then collagen synthesis is increasing. Complexion becomes brighter, skin seams younger. Vitamin C fights against free-radicals and regenerates vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-oxidant too. More over Vitamin C regulates skin pigmentation and stimulates micro-circulation. It is a toning and invigorating vitamin.

To obtain an optimal penetration in epidermis and so a best activity, Vitamin C has been incorporated into liposoms. Those latter are made of soybean phospholipid structurally identical to skin ones. Liposoms are caught by cells and pass through epidermis, they act as a shield toward external aggressions and actives deep penetration is improved. Vitamin C is then released in the depths of epidermis.

Vegetable Glycerin

Decreases epidermis water loss by evaporation. Makes skin suppler, smoother and more extensible.

How to use it
Apply morning and evening on perfectly cleansed neck and face with the appropriate SOSKIN make-up remover. For more comfort you can apply the SOSKIN skincare which suits your skin type.

Beauty Tips-Drink 8 glasses of water daily

Does drinking 8 glasses of water keep my skin moist?

It is good to keep your body,including your skin hydrated. However the outermost layer of skin does not absorb water since it is made up of dead skin cells. Moisture level of skin is not determined by internal factors, but rather external ones, such as cold or hot air, dry heat and by number of oil-producing glands you have. So, to hydrate your skin, exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin then apply rich moisturizer while skin is still damp. Want to hydrate your insides then by all means, drink 8 glasses of water a day!

According to a study, water may act as a weapon against ageing, and help keep wrinkles at bay. However, one of the most important aspects is how well the skin gathers and retains water. Water comprises approximately 60% of your body. Up to 700 genes that help the skin hydrated become less active and less able to retain water as the cells get older, and thus lead to wrinkles. Another factor is the levels of collagen, a molecule that gives the skin structure and strength.

Adequate water rewards you:
-Enhanced health
-Increased energy
-Bright,clear eyes
-A radiant complexion

Water is the ideal liquid refreshment. Reap the benefits of drinking water for your skin. You'll have a healthier body and a healthier you!

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