At Serene Aesthetics, we perform our signature body slimming treatment in a safe & natural way. Our approach of body slimming includes massages, machines, wrapping and dietary advices. Our signature massages are professionally performed by our beauticians to alleviate the blood circulation, stabilize condition and to calm the nervous system. Furthermore, our customized body slimming treatments strike the balance between technology & traditional methods to prevent skin allergy yet effectively to lose weight faster and healthier.

Fat/Cellulite Breaking  (40 - 120min)
Metabolism converts nutrient into energy for the need of burning body’s excessive fat. To obtain an ideal body shape, Serene Aesthetics need the combination of right slimming product, massage and advance machine to increase the body metabolism and to regulate blood circulation. All the treatments under this category are designed to help in eliminating and breaking down stubborn fat chambers and to reduce unsightly cellulites and unwanted fat deposits. Serene Aesthetics use only natural ingredients and supplemented with effective slimming massages to further enhance cell renewal.

Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification  (30 - 90min)
Lymphatic drainage system is the vital system of the body. Malfunction of this system would cause water retention, obesity, intoxication and blood circulation problem. Therefore, it is better to prevent than to cure by maintaining a good lymphatic drainage system. These effective detoxification treatments under the category using a special formula ingredient wrap to drain away fluid retention, break down unwanted fat deposit and restore smooth body contours.

Firming & Shaping  (45 - 125min)
This is the best way to obtain a more supple skin and to increase skin elasticity using special marine ingredients wraps. Serene Aesthetics has designed a whole range of effective treatments for individuals who do not have excessive body flabbiness or who have successfully reduced the same through slimming treatments.

Brightening & Nourishing  (45 - 100min)
Brightening exfoliator will work on the skin to remove dead skin cells and to enhance blood circulation, leaving the skin smooth and silky soft. It is a “must” maintaining treatment to keep your skin healthy, supple and maximize hydration through our Serene Aesthetics signature 109 steps massage.