Hydrafacial Lite Treatment

First Trial at RM 98 (np. RM 238)

The best result in a more natural way

Clinically proven to be highly effective.

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What is HydraFacial™?
  • Serum-based skin resurfacing
  • Hydrating exfoliation for all skin types
  • Targets fine lines, wrinkles, acne-prone or oily skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, brown spots and more
  • Immediate results
  • Painless extractions
  • 什么是HydraFacial™?

  • 适合所有皮肤的保湿概念扎物萃取
  • 针对细纹、皱纹、暗疮或油性皮肤、色素沉淀、晒伤、褐色斑点等等
  • 立即见效
  • 毫无疼痛

HydraFacial™ immediately restores hydration to your skin, and shields it with antioxidant with one cooling, soothing, and invigorating treatment. This painless non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment delivers immediate results with no downtime.

Hydrafacial™ treatment starting price from RM238. Meanwhile, you are entitled with a first trial session (105min) at RM98. Please call for appointment today!

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吴俐瑾 . 爱FM主播/节目制作 Ng Lih Jinn . AiFM DJ & Producer

由于DJ的日常作息不如平常人般规律,再加上经常要化妆出席各个场合,因此经常面对肌肤暗沉和局部干燥至脱皮的问题。自从用了Serene Aesthetics 的产品后,我上妆时更服贴,不过感觉对不起化妆师了!

Dj's lifestyle are fast-paced and always on the move. To maintain my beautiful appearance, i need to constantly wear makeup on my face resulting in problems like dry skin and large pores. But after i have started using Serene Aesthetics Prodcuts, i do not need the service of the makeup artist anymore!


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At Serene Aesthetics, we perform our signature body slimming treatment in a safe & natural way. Our approach of body slimming includes massages, machines, wrapping and dietary advices. Our signature massages are professionally performed by our beauticians to alleviate the blood circulation, stabilize condition and to calm the nervous system. Furthermore, our customized body slimming treatments strike the balance between technology & traditional methods to prevent skin allergy yet effectively to lose weight faster and healthier.

Fat/Cellulite Breaking  (40 - 120min)
Metabolism converts nutrient into energy for the need of burning body’s excessive fat. To obtain an ideal body shape, Serene Aesthetics need the combination of right slimming product, massage and advance machine to increase the body metabolism and to regulate blood circulation. All the treatments under this category are designed to help in eliminating and breaking down stubborn fat chambers and to reduce unsightly cellulites and unwanted fat deposits. Serene Aesthetics use only natural ingredients and supplemented with effective slimming massages to further enhance cell renewal.

Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification  (30 - 90min)
Lymphatic drainage system is the vital system of the body. Malfunction of this system would cause water retention, obesity, intoxication and blood circulation problem. Therefore, it is better to prevent than to cure by maintaining a good lymphatic drainage system. These effective detoxification treatments under the category using a special formula ingredient wrap to drain away fluid retention, break down unwanted fat deposit and restore smooth body contours.

Firming & Shaping  (45 - 125min)
This is the best way to obtain a more supple skin and to increase skin elasticity using special marine ingredients wraps. Serene Aesthetics has designed a whole range of effective treatments for individuals who do not have excessive body flabbiness or who have successfully reduced the same through slimming treatments.

Brightening & Nourishing  (45 - 100min)
Brightening exfoliator will work on the skin to remove dead skin cells and to enhance blood circulation, leaving the skin smooth and silky soft. It is a “must” maintaining treatment to keep your skin healthy, supple and maximize hydration through our Serene Aesthetics signature 109 steps massage.


Soskin - A heavenly bland of nature and science

Soskin products are developed from blending medical-grade plant and marine actives, protein and clinically-proven skin compatible bases to create therapeutic and luxurious products that give clearly visible results.

Situated on a botanical site between Grasse and Nice, France, the Cosmetic Research Group Laboratories employs advanced scientific technology to harness the most efficient molecules of nature to produce Soskin skincare products that give the best results in a more natural way.

Pure - Naturally Organic

PURE guarantees highly effective and purely natural skincare products for ladies who demand the very best of what nature can offer. PURE products contain no colors or synthetic fragrances and are also not tested on animals. Naturally, you will not find any genetically modified organisms or synthetic emulsifiers in PURE products.

With more than 30 years of advanced research and development work in organic natural skincare and phytocosmetics, the internationally renowned BEMA research lab combines extensive know how and experience to offer you what is probably the first organic skincare programme in the world that is clinically proven to be highly effective, thanks to its exclusive technology and formulation.

PURE – Your skin will feel it. And LOVE it.



With beauty treatments and slimming therapies making up the core of our services, Serene Aesthetics also provides the following range of services in our pursuit of becoming a convenient one-stop sanctuary for products and services related to the improvement of beauty and health. We are also well known for our
invigorating and refreshing spa treatments
rejuvenating body massage therapies
eyebrow shaping, manicure, make-up and a host of other related services
In line with the Serene Aesthetics principle of giving only the best, our well-trained therapists and consultants take extra effort to ensure that every course or programme is tailor made to the unique skin type of our valued customers for maximum results.

Our loyal and growing clientele is testament to the quality and effectiveness of our treatment procedures and this is what drives us to continue creating beautiful results each day in our quest to fulfill our promise - The Making of a Beautiful You.


At Serene Aesthetics, nothing is more important than our clients’ satisfaction.

Since our inception in 1991, we have been known for our signature service as well as our personalized treatments. We leave no stones unturned when it comes to meeting our clients’ requirements. Our well-qualified beauticians and therapists possess a wealth of experience behind them, and each of them live by our company’s humble philosophy of delivering treatments with love, care and hope.

We are deeply passionate and totally committed in bringing out your natural beauty and to help you maintain that youthful and radiant glow that is bound to be the envy of your peers. With that as a benchmark, our state-of-the-art treatment equipments should therefore be nothing short of remarkable in order to give you the ultimate results.

Our friendly and approachable service is also widely known in the industry to be second to none. Talk to one of our beauty professionals today and be delighted with the Serene  brand of personalized service!

Spend RM500 or above and stand a chance to win attractive prices! For more info, please visit www.facebook.com/SereneAesthetics or www.SereneAesthetics.com.my