Micro-caps Hydrating Treatment 
Micro-caps深层保湿护理 (90min)

Rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients restores the best water level in the skin and nourishes the epidermis to renew the Hydro-Lipid film area which protects the skin against harsh weather conditions to bring skin freshness, softness and comfort.
采用卓越的保湿成分,为皮肤提供最佳的保湿效果,帮助活化肌肤水脂层 (hydro-lipid film) 的再生,以对抗因外界环境的变化而造成的皮肤损伤,并且将水份带到每一层肌肤,使肌肤瞬间得以恢复弹性、充满光泽,带给肌肤新体验。

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x1 Refreshing Eye Mask 
x1 Refreshing Neck Mask
x1 RM80 Treatment Voucher

(Total worth RM300)

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