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The Launching of Cindy Chen's Mini Album & Christina Lim's Make Up Handbook

Serene Aesthetics的代言人陈思予发片了!除了搞笑翻唱阿牛的《對面女孩看過來》,重新改編成《靚仔,看過來》外,還和化妝大师Christina Lim及Serene Aesthetics美容总监Serene Lim 首次联手合作。《靚仔,看過來》讲的是有自信的女性,凡事往好的方面想,所谓有志者事竟成。

Serene Aesthetics选择与陈 思予合作 的原因很简单,从她的CD 里你 们也能听得出她还是她;她不仅天生丽质,而且性格踏实、平凡中散发出不平凡的气质,正好配合 Serene Aesthetics 三叶草的概念。Serene Aesthetics 专 业的脸部护理,让大家看到从内至外都是美丽的她。 我们坚信选 择一个伙伴不一定要第一名,态度完善才是第一名,所以 Serene Aesthetics 也找到 适合的“她”了。 三方初次见面后,马上 决定合作并获Serene Aesthetics贊助了高達五位數的製作費

美容总监Serene Lim表示为此次能与Christina Lim 这么出色、能干又美丽的著名造型师合作而感到荣幸。而且还 供应了Face Image Academy 许多护理产品作实习与训练之用。

推介礼当天,好姐妹苏盈芝、好友Baki及第二电视新闻主播張旖雯也意外現身,苏盈之 更奉上222個漏夜赶工亲手烘焙的muffin打气,让陈思予二度飙淚。

For the first time, a tie-up between 3 women- The Founder of Serene Aesthetics Serene Lim, Make-up Guru Christina Lim and Miss World Malaysia 1st runner up Cindy Chen. Being a cutting-edge fashion stylist, Serene Aesthetics will tie-up with Christina Lim is due to her hardworking and beautiful attitude which has obtained many respects and has become an icon in the industry. Working with her is a great honour, said by Serene Aesthetics Founder, Serene Lim and she decided to supply facial care for Christina’s Face Image Academy for practical training purposes.

The tie-up between Serene Aesthetics and Cindy Chen is simple. By listening to Cindy Chen’s CD, you will love this charming down-to-earth natural born beauty, and Cindy match perfectly the concept of Serene Aesthetics 3-leaved clover. Coupled with professional treatment provided by Serene Aesthetics, undoubtedly Cindy is astonishing, inside out. Being the second best does not stop Serene Aesthetics to work with Cindy Chen. A positive attitude is what Serene Aesthetics is looking for and Cindy is the right one.

Right after the initial meetings of the three, the collaboration took place immediately.
5 figures sponsorship, excluding additional A&P budget by Serene Aesthetics to help promote Cindy Chen and bring her to another level.

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左起:OneFM DJ Jess,圈内好友八度空间主持人Baki,好姐妹蘇盈之,Serene Aesthetics 代言人陈思予, Serene Aesthetics 创办人 Serene Lim,化妆大师 Christina Lim 及
Form Left: One FM DJ Jess, Baki, Wincci Soo, Serene Aesthetics Ambassador Cindy Chen, Serene Aesthetics Founder Serene Lim, Make-Up Guru Christina Lim & Lee

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